Specifications for the Savage’s new eco-friendly home:

Building and construction by Lone Pine Building

  • Roof water collected for reuse inside house
  • Internal concrete block walls to store heat
  • Eaves and windows designed by sunlighting analysis for solar heating in winter and shading in summer
  • Natural evaporative cooling by circulation of air from courtyard fern garden

Walls and roof constructed from structural insulated panels for maximum insulation by Formance

  • R 8.3 Roof, R 4.2 Walls
  • Minimal thermal breaks
  • Air tight
  • NZ Codemark Certified

Vulcan and timber cladding by Abodo

  • Thermally treated New Zealand pine
  • No chemical preservatives
  • Equivalent to H3 treated timber
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • FSC Certified

Heat recovery ventilation by Lunos

  • Provides fresh air while keeping heat in
  • Distributed system
  • No ducting required
  • Extremely quiet
  • Equivilent to H3 treated

Fully insulated concrete slab foundation by MAXRaft

  • R 4.5 insulated floor slab
  • Slab edge insulation built in
  • Thermal breaks between house slab and adjoining concrete in patio and garage

Wood burner heating by Tropicair

  • Carbon neutral water and space heating
  • Ultra low emission burner with cooktop
  • Wetback connected to 300 litre cylinder
  • Designed and built in Canterbury


Architectural Design: Sarah Savage
Drafting: 3D CAD Design
Engineers: Chapman Engineering Timaru & Construction Christchurch


Download High Performance Home Spec Sheet