We’re so grateful to our team that work tirelessly and away from their families to help create such amazing masterpieces.

Our builders worked four days (a solid 50 hours), away from home in the cold conditions of Mt Cook. The hardest part of the build was getting the framing and roof up by June 2019, it was so windy and wet. Once the roof was on and windows in, we were away.

It took just over a year to complete, with the client moving in, in March 2020. Original expectation was for the end of 2019 however the time that it would take to repurpose the wood and milling from the station was not considered in this original forecast.

Last but certainly not least, a huge thank you must go to our amazing, supportive & trusting clients David and Marion. They have been the upmost patient clients. Extremely welcoming to our team and ideas along with provided accommodation and hospitality to the boys. We appreciate their willingness and trust in Andrew and his craftmanship.


“The real master of this masterpiece is the wood, the recycled timber beams, the grand ceilings, the door frames, the skirting boards. The Rimu skirtings, bookshelf and door frames came from the original homestead…the farm implements we found on the station we were able to incorporate as fixtures for the home – it’s truly magical. the workmanship in all these wooden elements is just amazing…

Andrew & the team were very easy to work with, they knew what they were aiming for and brought a lot of great ideas and suggestions to the design.”

David & Marion – Mt Cook